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Looking to add a touch of natural beauty to your landscape? Need a steady supply of willow for your crafts? Look no further than Salix exigua Willow Cuttings! The cuttings are 12" long, fully rooted and prepared to flourish! 


🌱 Grows in Zones 2-9
🌱 This willow will be lighter green to white in the summer, turn orange in the fall and FIRE 
       RED in the winter. The colder and wetter the environment the more vibrant the color.


No matter where you reside, these resilient willow cuttings are perfect for your garden. Salix exigua is a versatile species that thrives in a wide range of climates, from frosty Alaska to sunny Louisiana. Experience their beauty no matter where you call home.


☀️ From Full Sun to Part Shade: Adaptable and Versatile! 🌳

These willows are designed to make a statement. With the potential to grow between 4 to 15 feet tall. Create breathtaking hedges or focal points in your landscape and watch them thrive with every passing season.


🌿 Also Known as "Sandbar Willow" and "Coyote Willow" 🐺

Salix exigua, commonly known as Narrowleaf Willow, offers more than just visual beauty. Its slender branches and narrow leaves make it perfect for erosion control, stream bank stabilization, and wetland restoration projects. Harness its utilitarian attributes and make a positive impact on your environment.


These cuttings are of the highest quality with professional grade potting soil that has been inoculated with beneficial mycorrhizae. This offers several benefits for your plants and the overall health of your garden. Here are some key advantages: 


1.Enhanced Nutrient Uptake: Mycorrhizae form a symbiotic relationship with plant roots, extending their reach and surface area. This enables the plants to access a greater volume of nutrients, including phosphorus, nitrogen, and other essential minerals present in the soil. 

2. Improved Water Absorption: Enhances the plant's ability to absorb water from the soil. The fungal network extends into the surrounding soil, creating a vast network of fine filaments called hyphae. These hyphae act as an extension of the plant's root system, effectively increasing the surface area for water absorption. This can be especially beneficial during dry periods or in drought-prone areas.

3.Disease Resistance: Helps the plants develop a stronger defense against soil-borne pathogens. 

4. Environmental Resilience: Adapt to challenging environmental conditions. By improving the plant's tolerance to drought, salinity, heavy metals, and other stresses. 

Colorado Coyote Willow Cuttings Fully Rooted and Ready to Plant | Salix exigua

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